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 Our aim in transforming lives does not only echo to our clients but also among our employees as we continuously expand and innovate within the industry of property development. At PRO-FRIENDS, we cater opportunities for career and personal development while fulfilling our ultimate purpose of improving society as we know it.



Our drive for excellence also reflects our valuation for learning and development. At PRO-FRIENDS, we offer strategic learning programs for our employees to become PROUD professionals, specialists in their respective fields and achieve exponential results.  




This is where we come in.




PRO-FRIENDS is an equal opportunity employer that has built its way up from a million peso start up to a multi-billion peso venture and has been a respected force in the business for more than 12 years now. We may be relatively young, but the feats we have done in this amount of time are remarkable.






Here at PRO-FRIENDS, we VALUE what you decide to bring to the table; and here you WILL be heard, you will feel involved, and ultimately, you will be important.




More importantly, you’re not just an employee, you’re FAMILY. With the familiar nature ingrained in our company’s culture, here at PRO-FRIENDS you will never be too far from home.




You may ask how a company that has built over 25,000 quality houses could be so people-centered, and rightfully so. But looking at the bigger picture, this same company built its way from the ground up, and it couldn’t have done this without valuing every single person. It’s all about investing in the right places, and in our case, our strength is in our people. Our business starts, and ends, with you.






At PCFI, you may ask how a company that has been in the business for more than a decade. Our doors are open for future dynamic team members who will exemplify the meaningful service PRO-FRIENDS stands for. So don’t be just another number, dream big, walk with the right people and make your career your legacy. Join the PRO-FRIENDS team now.









HR Associate

  • Attract and select qualified job applicants and refer them to hiring partners.
  • Inform job applicants of details such as duties and responsibilities, compensation and benefits, work schedule, and career development opportunities.
  • Maintain and update human resources documents, such as organizational charts, employee handbook, and performance evaluation forms.
  • Schedule and conduct new employee orientation.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, Behavioral Science, or its equivalent.
  • Highly-organized
  • People-oriented.
  • Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

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