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Our Core Values

Service Excellence is one significant distinction that we would like to make in the real estate industry. Service excellence implies going the extra mile to delight the customer and having the commitment to deliver "against the odds". It also requires innovation.

Professionalism is reflected in the skills, competencies, and character of people who build our homes and communities as well as deliver our services. This value subsumes people development and training.

Integrity implies wholeness and absence of duplicity. We are in the business of trust. We can only sustain performance if we are trusted by our partners and stakeholders.

Respect is manifested in giving value to ideas and feelings of various stakeholders.

The essence of innovation is "thinking out of the box" and creativity.

The essence of Teamwork is synergy. More than the "Sense of Family", teamwork puts a premium on learning and growing as a team and relationships that build trust. This core value also implies getting rid of organizational "silos" and turf-mentality within PRO-FRIENDS family. Teamwork also involves the values of respect and dignity.

Learning together, having a sense of safety and security, an atmosphere of belongingness, and being able to entrust accountability – these make up a culture of shared responsibility in fostering positive developments among each other.