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PRO-FRIENDS will not be where it is today without the valued hard work of its employees. Key to this is the transformation of their lives through personal and career development as well as being able to provide them with a second home.

Our drive for excellence is reflective of how much we value constant learning as we offer strategic courses for our employees to become specialists in their respective fields and achieve exponential results. Our doors are open for future dynamic team members who have the heart for excitement and are ready to exemplify meaningful service.

Opportunities as of September 2019

Head Office-based
Executive Assistant
Job Description

Support the executive in various meetings, managing schedules, and establishing an efficient system for storing relevant information and critical documents. Ensure the delivery of commitments made to the executive and discuss various matters with different internal and external stakeholders.

Job Requirements
  •   Must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in any field

  •   Preferably with one year work experience in the related field

  •   Has excellent written and oral communication skills

  •   Confident and detail-oriented, can work well under pressure and with different personalities

Procurement Officer
Job Description

Responsible for sourcing, negotiating on behalf of the company, maintaining relations with suppliers and ensuring the timely delivery of goods and services assigned. Research, study and recommend cost-saving measures and material quality improvement. Prepare related purchase order and contract services, reports and recommendations as well as monitor price changes.

Job Requirements
  •   Possess at least Bachelor’s Degree in Business Studies, Administration, Management, Industrial Engineering or equivalent

  •   Preferably with two years of work experience with required skills in leadership and negotiation

  •   Strong excellent written and oral communication skills

  •   Proficient in SAP application

  •   Accreditation license is an advantage

Total Rewards Manager
Job Description

Responsible for developing and implementing competitive compensation, benefits, rewards and recognition, well-being programs, government regulations, and prevailing wage rates and benefits plan. Research on and bring in-depth understanding of external best-practices and innovative trends and technologies to the team. Evaluate and recommend modifications on existing salary structure and benefit programs in compliance with legal requirements. Perform company-wide job evaluation to develop a systematic comparison between jobs.

Job Requirements
  •   Possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, Finance, Accountancy, Banking, Human Resource Management, Business Studies, Administration, Management, Commerce or equivalent

  •   Preferably ten years work experience in the related field, rolling out strategic HR projects in the areas of job evaluation, job levelling and salary review

  •   Highly analytical, strategic, and detail-oriented

  •   Strong interpersonal skills and with excellent oral and written communication skills

Job Description

Assist in handling document routing, tracking, scanning, storage and destruction. Trainee must possess organizational skills and computer literacy. Requirement is up to October 2019 in Mandaluyong.

Cavite-based Office
Community Mobilizer
Job Description

Responsible for facilitating and monitoring planned activities to ensure community members are active and empowered. Regularly conduct baseline research of target communities, monitor social change and new social information relevant to community empowerment, and identify and motivate potential leaders and organizers. Assist community members in pursuing their passion and generate related projects. Develop trust, tolerance and cooperation among community members.

Job Requirements
  •   Must possess at least Bachelor's Degree in any field

  •   Preferably athletic; knows how to play some sports

  •   Willing to engage with various stakeholders in a community

  •   With events organizing experience

  •   Proficient in MS Office

Licensed Civil Engineer
Job Description

Responsible for the implementation of project blueprints and structural specifications through the conduct of site inspection and contractor work evaluation to ensure conformity to design specifications and quality. Document all site procurement, requests and other operating reports. Develop plans and cost estimates for systems, structures or facilities. Respond to public suggestions and complaints. Report maintenance problems occurring at the project site and negotiate changes to resolve system conflicts.

Job Requirements
  •   Bachelor's Degree in Civil Engineering

  •   Must be a licensed Civil Engineer with at least one year of experience in Construction Management

  •   Has good work ethics and proven capacity to multitask

Sales Training-Assistant Manager
Job Description

Primarily in charge of monitoring and learning the behavioral changes brought about by conducting training. Responsible for the management of the database on employee performance and corresponding recommendations based on performance evaluation and needs assessment.

Job Requirements
  •   Must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Human Resource Management, Business Studies, Administration, Management, Psychology or equivalent

  •   Preferably has a specialization in Training & Development with seven years of work experience in sales training and performance monitoring; with experience in the academe

  •   Proficient in database management and technical writing

Technical Training Supervisor
Job Description

Design, develop, implement and assess technical development strategies in support of the business plan. Manage the performance and resources of the Training Centre Department at all locations to ensure the effective and responsive delivery of services to target stakeholders. Aid line managers and trainers in addressing operation concerns through applicable training solutions, including monitoring the progress of trainees as part of inputs in updating and applying new methodologies in workplace training.

Job Requirements
  •   Must possess at least a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering (Civil) or equivalent with professional license (Passed Board/Bar/Professional License Exam).

  •   Functional and technical competencies such as construction management, technical writing, technical training, and lesson planning and writing are required.

  •   Preferably supervisor or 5 yrs. and up experience specializing in Engineering - Civil/Construction/Structural or equivalent.

If you feel that you deserve a dynamic career, please send your resume to careers@profriends.com