Over the years, the management of Lancaster New City has conducted various tree planting activities to make the community more ecological and sustainable for its growing number of residents. Since September 2013, a total of 18,352 trees have been planted within the community. It has become a home to 59 species of trees, 27 of which are native to the Philippines. Copper pods, Molave, Nedras, Jasmine, Balitbitan, Kamagong, Banaba, Tecoma and Bani are only few of the many tree species that grow in the linear parks, entrance gates, sidewalks and secondary roads of Lancaster New City.

Groups within PRO-FRIENDS such as the Commercial Business Group (CBG) and Estate and Asset Management Group (EAMG) have become part of this initiative for the past years. To continue the campaign, the Sales and Marketing Group organized ‘Go Green Lancaster’ to take a step toward a greener Lancaster New City community. The program started with a brief overview on what PRO-FRIENDS has accomplished so far in the project and the basic dos and don’ts of planting a seedling. Afterwards, 50 volunteers joined and planted over 400 seedlings in Zone 1 Somerset 11.

With over 1,600 hectares, turning the vision into a full blown reality will take massive efforts not just from PRO-FRIENDS employees but most especially from the homeowners themselves. Little by little, Lancaster New City is becoming the green community that it is envisioned to be. Besides the tree planting activities, the community also uses solar powered street lamps and encourages the homeowners to use electronic bikes… truly a family-friendly city.